HNS Fund
Donating to HNS Fund
Wallet Addresses:
  • HNS - hs1qhxaw2jsxk4hvc9qzmm8h8h5n5f4fz8lxnatmkd
  • BTC - 37r6EpwN4CuySjgTgAfSs8nUd2MrWw8TYD
  • ETH (mainnet) - 0xd25A803E24FFd3C0033547BE04D8C43FFBa7486b
If you are donating on Ethereum we prefer receiving donations in PAN tokens to our Gitcoin Grant. PAN is from the Panvala League who gives us donation matching up to 10x your original amount (so a $10 donation in PAN = $100 to HNS Fund).

Here is a video tutorial on how to donate PAN to HNS Fund.

We are also working on smart contracts that make it easy for any smart contact application related to HNS to automatically donate to the HNS Fund by calling a single function onchain with some ETH (which gets routed to PAN)
Other donation platforms:
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