HNS Fund

Funding Methodology

HNS Fund is dedicated to free and open source software. We give donations to community members that are working to expand the ecosystem, build tooling, create new use cases for personal TLDs, and make onboarding and adoption easier for people new to HNS. All projects must follow the Handshake Community Guidelines to receive HNS Fund grants.
We give funding to individual contributors and companies as long as they are devoting funds to FOSS development for HNS.
We are open to giving grants to anyone working in the Handshake community. We primarily focus on these areas:
  • Core Handshake protocol development
  • Domain management tools (e.g. claiming, registries/registrars, DNS records)
  • Wallets
  • Browser integrations
  • Auction tools
  • Educational content
  • Identity solutions
  • Community growth