HNS Fund

[Distributed] Round 1

HNS Fund Grants Round 1 Overview

It's crazy to think that just two months ago we gave out only 0.29 ETH ($400) to Fernando coming with money only coming from Kiba. Since then HNS Fund has received about $85,000 in donations making Round 1 distributions ~10x bigger than Round 0.
For this round we tried to split funding between people working on core infrastructure for HNS ecosystem, consumer apps/services, and community engagement/education. If you'd like to see your name on this list, please apply for an HNS Fund grant. You can learn more about how we select projects on Funding Methodology page.
Donation Sources:
  • 36,272 HNS ($14,474) from HandyCon auction donations. Thank you to everyone that offered domains and participated in the auction it was super fun and we are planning to do it again soon
  • 22.9 ETH + 159,396 PAN + 5,487 DAI/USDC/USDT ($61,353.83) from our Gitcoin grant page. A majority of this was from the Handshake Institute (20.7 ETH + 150,000 PAN)
  • ~$5,200 from Gitcoin Grants Round 9 donation matching (pending receipt)
  • ~75,000 PAN ($7,096.50) from Panvala League donation matching all our Gitcoin donations made in PAN (pending receipt)
Total - $88,124 donations in the two weeks of 10.03.2021 - 24.03.2021

Grants Round 1 Recipients

shakedex/ - 10,000 HNS for the creation and continued development of the first domain dex protocol on HNS. We hoped that this would help Kurumi finish it before HandyCon 0 started so that the auction at the end of the conference could be held on shakedex but the spontaneously organized conference didn't give enough time for them to finish.
Kyokan - The builders of Bob Wallet and Footnote received 3 ETH to build out a domain claiming feature for reserved TLDs and top 100,000 Alexa domains. They received another 2 ETH for being awesome and continuing their work for the Handshake community
skydroid/ - 3 ETH to improve their DoH infrastructure, start targeting other OSes besides Android , and hire a designer before Handshake community does a marketing push for them
skyinclude/ - 3 ETH to create tutorials for Bob Wallet (claiming reserved TLDs) and Shakedex (starting auctions and fulfilling auctions)
sulu/ - 500 DAI to create spicy sichuan pepper memes and spread the good word of Handshake.
hmail/ - 3 ETH for open sourcing their email service, writing documentation to make it easier for others to install, researching connecting email clients to mail servers over DANE, and creating a video tutorial of setting up DANE on their OpenBSD system.
falci/ - 3 ETH for open source development in Handshake
dees/ - 3 ETH for open source development in Handshake
Declined 😭 hnssearch./ - 3 ETH to build the best gateway into the Handshake universe and discover all the wonders we have created.

What is happening with the PAN and HNS that was donated and isn't being given out as grants?

The ~163,000 PAN in the multisig is being staked in order to receive ~75,000 PAN in donation matching from Panvala League.
The ~33,000 HNS is being held in reserve. It will be used to supercharge bounties posted by Matthew Zipkin.
This lines up pretty well with our 80/20 distribution/reserves goal.