HNS Fund

Open Bounties

Bounties are only for improving the core HNS protocol - hsd, hnsd, airdrop tools, documentation, and HIP research/implementation.
XXX HNS - Improving HNS Claim tool for airdrop recipients and building simple UI for it
XXX HNS - Zipkin bounties
XXX HNS - Fork BTCPay server for HNS

Requesting Bounties

Bounties are best if they are specific, have limited scope, well defined deliverables, and clear quality assurance / completion criteria.
Bad Bounty: "Update Handshake documentation"
Good Bounty: "Create new section in hs-airdrop documentation and add step-by-step instructions for how to claim HNS airdrop as a qualified hackernews+keybase recipient. 500 HNS paid on completion"
You can email you bounty request tok i b a /at/ titansofdata /dot/ o r g