HNS Fund
Teams in the HNS Fund DAO are organized teams of Handshake community members that would like to contribute to the HNS ecosystem. Each team is autonomous and can organize internally however they like. They each control their own multisig and can use their funds however they see fit without requiring approval from any other team or Master Multisig signer.

Grants Program

$ to specific people for anything
Grants go out to dedicated HNS community members who are continuously providing valuable contributions to the ecosystem.
Grants can be for completely discretionary use or may have targeted features/conditions tied to it which will be discussed with grant recipients before they accept and receive their funding.
You can view grant recipients on our Grant Rounds pages or in our spreadsheet of all grant recipients and payment transactions.

Bounties Program

$ to anyone for specific things
The Bounties Team manages open bounties in the HNS ecosystem. These could be technically related or for general things like "get HNS listed on Coinbase".
They are responsible for vetting bounty requests, properly speccing out completion criteria, ensuring bounties are easy to participate in e.g. by providing supporting docs for a job, verifying bounty has been adequately completed, and distributing payments to winner.
We maintain a spreadsheet of open bounties and payment transactions.

Core Protocol

$ to specific people for anything
For research and development of the core Handshake protocol and tooling. Generally for mid to long term projects that require in-depth knowledge of the protocol and extensive testing before deployment.

Community Ambassadors

$ to specific people for anything
Engage and liaison with other communities on behalf of Handshake and HNS Fund. Could be creating a dweb industry alliance, running Clubhouse calls, geo-specific communities, schmoozing at ICANN events, or DAO to DAO collaborations.

Fundraising Events

$ to specific people for specific things
Organize and host events that drive donations to HNS Fund. Could be fundraising auctions, paid workshops, meetups with paid sponsorship, etc. Can be done in collaboration with other entities as long as a significant portion of revenue from the event is going to the HNS Fund (> 2%)


$ to specific people for specific things
In charge of creating a sustainable treasury for HNS Fund. The Endowment receives a portion of all donations to invest in DeFi. Interest earned on this principal is used to support HNS Fund and HNS ecosystem in perpetuity.
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