HNS Fund
Multisig holders

HNS Fund Master Multisig Addresses

These are only addresses that HNS Fund will ask for funds to be sent to:
ETH Mainnet - 0xd25A803E24FFd3C0033547BE04D8C43FFBa7486b
HNS Mainnet -

How We Select Multisig Holders

More than anything HNS Fund is focused on preserving and spreading the ideologies inherent in crypto and we reach out to HNS community members that live by these values and stand up for them.
This spread sheet has multisig holders for each chain that we store funds on.

Wallet Software Used

We use a Gnosis smart contract multisig wallet on Ethereum where we accept donations from our Gitcoin Grant, Panvala League donation matching, and smart contract integrations.
Handshake multisig is based off bcoin and most of these donations come from domain auctions and direct gifting.
Last modified 6mo ago